Yellow flowers. It's that easy, and shipping is included! Beauty, comfort, durability, and easy care. with violet or blue flowers. The Bugwood Network and USDA Forest Service. The pieces of wood available on this site are sourced from The Cat House Inc. in Canada who, since 1991 have sold tens of thousands of pieces of Tartarian honeysuckle wood as natural toys for cats. Avoid using invasive plants in gardens and landscaping. Honeysuckle Chunks. Perennial herb with blue, bell-shaped flowers. A grasslike wetland perennial useful for nesting of waterfowl. Non-invasive. Alterna engineered tile offers the timeless elegance and beauty of stone and tile, but its engineered tile construction makes Alterna tiles tough enough to handle the hardest working rooms in your home - kitchens, bathrooms, living - really, any room, for a lifetime. Find Honeysuckle White near you. ... Trumpet Honeysuckle. It is a vigorous deciduous vine that can reach 6 m. on suitable support. The non-invasive honeysuckle is a desirable garden plant for pretty flowers. Read more about Tartarian Honeysuckle on; Tartarian Honeysuckle, Wikipedia. See Grow Me Instead: Beautiful Non-Invasive Plants for Your Garden. In Ontario, populations have mostly been reported in the central and eastern parts of the province. Perennial herb growing from a corm with pinkish to bluish-purples flowers. With red stems in winter, this plant is highly valued ornamentally, but also does quite well in the naturalized landscape. Great for young cats and … Perennial plant with lilac to white flowers. A tall, spreading deciduous shrub with edible hazelnuts favored by squirrels. COLOUR ACCURACY: Note that the on-screen colour representations are not necessarily precise representations of actual paint colours due to variance in monitor calibrations. Learn how to properly identify invasive honeysuckles, such as amur, morrow and tatarian honeysuckles and how to effectively manage these invasive plants on your property. This deciduous shrub is very common west of the Cascades with showy white flowers followed by red clusters of berries popular with wildlife. Do not dispose of invasive plants in the compost pile – discard them in the regular garbage. Like the red twig Dogwood, but with yellow stems. Plants have thick, shiny, evergreen leaves often sticky on top with 3 main veins. Deep pink to white flowers are followed by red hips. Check the chart below to identify amur honeysuckle, morrow honeysuckle or tatarian honeysuckle. This tree is commonly found in the rain forests of the Olympic Peninsula. Small native tree or large shrub growing to 25-35 ft. high and 12-20 ft. wide. Shrub grows to 4 ft.. and has edible red fruit which is good wildlife food. wide). Fruit does not offer migrating birds the nutrients needed for long flights compared to native plant species. A native grass that does well in moister areas. Small native tree up to 15-30 ft. high, spreading 10-20 ft.. A prehistoric deciduous conifer, once thought to be extinct, was rediscovered in China. Several species of honeysuckle have become invasive when introduced outside their native range, particularly in North America, Europe, South America, Australia, and Africa. This factsheet may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes. In the plant list, non-natives have an asterisk after the scientific name, such as: Quick and easy multi-surface spray removes stuck-on dirt from stainless steel, countertops, and other nonporous surfaces throughout the house. Showy clumped perennial with blue to purple spring flowers. L. japonica was introduced in Australia between 1820-40. This floriferous honeysuckle has a very long bloom time, and is a wonderful addition to summer gardens, especially when trained up a trellis or fence. 'Scentsation' honeysuckle is a very showy vine with extremely fragrant yellow flowers blooms from mid-spring to late summer, followed by bright red berries. This understory plant prefers moist areas. Common from sea level to timberline, this medium sized pine tree is useful both in sandy areas subjected to salt spray or in ornamental gardens. So when adding to your landscape, or doing a new landscape, do consider the advantages of these environmentally friendly plants. The wood is produced from their own trees and they take pride in bringing only the best quality honeysuckle … In spring, this member of the Rose Family provides quite a floral show along many NW roads. Learn how to effectively manage invasive honeysuckles on your property. Shop for Demeter Honeysuckle deals in Canada. They have a lemony smell and do well in pots or containers. Densely tufted perennial with many stems reaching 8-40 in. Catnip for Cats Canada | Shop for Catnip & Honeysuckle at A very common NW conifer, the Douglas Fir graces many a neighborhood already. Deep blue to purple flowers on stalks. A graceful tree distinguished by its drooping leader. Honeysuckle, genus of about 180 species of ornamental shrubs and climbers of the family Caprifoliaceae. We bring this product in from Western Canada. If you have skills or are interested in helping with this effort, please let us know at This red columbine is found in mountain meadows, along streamsides, and in open rocky places throughout the Pacific Northwest. This native tree grows rapidly. Honeysuckle Sticks. tall. As mentioned above, the bush honeysuckle is perfect for making hedges, screens and borders. Not invasive like other honeysuckles. Sakhalin Honeysuckle. They can also be used as accent plants or standalone ones in landscaping. Honeysuckle is a very nice alternative to catnip, and it sells very well. This popular landscape plant grows slowly and is used extensively for specimen plantings. It is a perfect paint color for a southern styled room. White-Tailed Deer appear to browse sparingly on honeysuckle shrubs. Understory shrub growing to about 4.5 ft. which gets purplish to red-black edible & tasty berries. The Magnifica Honeysuckle is very attractive to wildlife, such as butterflies and hummingbirds that uses nectar within the … tall with yellow, daisy-like flowers. Some people use this plant for preventing erosion of soil. We ship our cat products across Canada from Lethbridge, AB. This native perennial can be found from British Columbia to California, usually west of the Cascades. Deciduous shrub to 6 ft. tall with Blue-black berries which ripen in July. This type of vine is sensitive to the amount of water and moisture it receives. This elegant, broad-leaved evergreen tree, has a distinctive smooth reddish brown trunk with exfoliating bark on upper branches. A wild onion preferring moist sunny locations such as wet meadows. tall, with lavender-blue daisy-like flowers. A lot of customers return to purchase new toys as their cats love them. Woodbrook Nursery is one of the best retail sources for Pacific Northwest Native Plants in the greater Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia area. The wood is produced from their own trees and they take pride in … Highly valued as an evergreen ornamental as well as in naturalized settings. Perennial growing 2-5 ft. with blue flowers. A perennial growing 4-28 in. Colorful bright red to scarlet bracts surround inconspicuous flowers. It had largely replaced other types of bush honeysuckles in the horticultural industry.